You are now using bruteforcemarket.com's latest innovation, the world's first standalone Nokia SL3 hash reader. That's right, no box needed.


  • Only a simple USB cable is needed
  • You can upload logs from software
  • Multilanguage interface
    • English
    • Albanian (Shqipe)
    • Arabic (العربية)
    • Bosnian (bosanski)/ Croatian (hrvatski)/ Serbian(српски)
    • Bulgarian (български)
    • Chinese (中国语言支持)
    • Estonian (Eesti)
    • French (Français)
    • Filipino (Pilipino)
    • German (Deutsch)
    • Greek (ελληνικά)
    • Hebrew (עברית)
    • Hindi (हिन्दी)
    • Hungarian(Magyar)
    • Italian (Italiano)
    • Latin
    • Macedonian (Македонски)
    • Polish (Polski)
    • Portuguese(Portugues)
    • Romanian (Român)
    • Russian (русский)
    • Spanish (Español)
    • Thai (ภาษาไทย)
    • Tongan
    • Turkish (Türk)


You can download the latest stable version of BFM HashReader and unlocker software.

Release date: 2013. March 18.

Nokia USB Drivers

Supported platforms

  • All RAPUv11, RAPUv21, RAPIDO, RAP3Gv4, Broadcom and Infineon X-Gold 2 platforms



To read the required hash out and unlock your Nokia SL3 phone:
  1. Simply click the [Phones] button
  2. Choose your phone and click the [Connect] button
  3. After the hash is readed, hash will be send for bruteforcing automatically
  4. To view your current bruteforce queue and latest bruteforced phones, click [Jobs]
  5. When the bruteforcing finished, you can again click [Phones] button
  6. Connect your phone, and now the [Connect] button resets the NCK counters and writes the level 7 NCK for permanently unlocking the phone

How to punch up your Nokia SL3 unlock job with bruteforcemarket.com software

Nokia SL3 unlock, hash reading & sending for calculation with bruteforcemarket.com

Nokia SL3 Unlock - Check calculation status & unlock / reset counter on your phone with bruteforcemarket.com

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