Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is, and for what can this be used for?
  2. is a website where you can unlock Nokia SL3 based phones by NCK (unlock code) calculation.
  3. How many characters long NCK could be calculated through
  4. You can calculate 15 characters long NCK only. The longer (19,20,21 characters), or Telcel Mexico locked phones cannot be unlocked.
  5. What’s happening if I have sent by mistake data from a Telcel Mexico locked phone, or not 15 characters long NCK data?
  6. The status of your job will be “no result” after the calculation. Also in this case there is no way to refund credits back, so be carefully before sending any job. Make sure, that your phone is supported 100% sure.
  7. What file extensions are supported by the BFM system?
  8. By BFM .bcl, .log, .sha, .fnx and .bat files are booth supported.
  9. Can I repair phones with 12345678901234 IMEI, or with invalid simlock table?
  10. No. is not suitable for that kind of problems. We are supporting only working, locked phones.
  11. How can I read out the bruteforce data from locked phones?
  12. Logs can be read out from the most of newly manufactured phones by USB. There are few old CPU based phones, where there is no way to get out the data by USB cable. In this case you have to use F-Bus cable. Infinity best, ATF, Fenix, Cyclone, MXKey latest version, MT Box are booth supporting F-Bus protocol.
  13. What is the Punch Up Credit?
  14. The Punch up Credit could be used for putting your job to the top of the global waiting queue. Practically your job will be the next for the calculation.
  15. How can I buy or how do I get Punch up Credits?
  16. After every 20th successfully calculated job you will have 1 Punch up Credit automatically by the system. This is the only way for getting that kind of “joker” credit. You cannot buy from any 3th source.
  17. How much time may I wait for one calculation?
  18. You can check the current waiting time always at the main site of Because of this is only an approximate time, it could be +- few minutes always.

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